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UPDATED: 02/10/2013

Well, the 2012 Christmas season has come and gone with nary a whimper. Everything we'd planed came together and worked perfectly. As many of you no doubt noticed, the Ferris wheel hung tough this year during the several high wind storms we had pass through. We'd also added the gingerbread bake shop this year and our snow boy and snow girl returned for yet another engagement. We're already busy working on the new additions for the 2013 season so stay tuned! Hope to post a few more videos this year as well. If all works as planned, I'm hoping to make the jump into the pixel world beyond the two arches we added for 2010. Should be interesting to see what shapes up :)


Updated: 01/10/2010

Latest News:

I've now added another page containing pictures of the completed JUMP mega pole including the cables attached so you can see what it all looks like together. The finished tree will have a total of 32 cable segments with each pair of segments having four string of lights attached and four channels assigned to the red, gold, blue and green C6 LED lights. I'll be able to light the tree in any of the four colors or use alternating colors on each section to actually "rotate" the colors around the tree, creating the impression the tree is spinning.


We now have signage for the display and will soon have videos as well! Signs Of The Times Signs and Airbrushing is responsible for the excellent quality sign and Digital Dynamix is providing the video footage of the display in action! The signage is out there NOW and the video will be posted here as soon as we have it. Of course, you're also welcome to come see the display up close and personal too you know :)


The display will now feature radio promotions and voiceovers courtesy of Kevin Dunn at The Demented Elf Productions! Be sure to check out his work. Click on the graphic below to visit his website!

By all means, if you know of a lighting display, either around the area, a nearby city or even another state or country and you want to share it, feel free to EMAIL it to me!



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